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Based on the famous series of quests from Military Police Mastery. In this game, you need to go a long way across Europe, meeting more and more monsters along the way, in order to eventually get home.At the same time, each new obstacle is quite easy to overcome and contains hints that will make it easier for you to pass. Missions are generally simple and uncomplicated, and every element of the gameplay is carefully crafted.
A real war photographer simulator in which you will have to fight with real enemies. There is no place for the sugary scenarios typical of the genre, but online games are not without it. In the game you will find realistic gameplay, high-quality graphics processing and a lot of equipment for your photographic equipment. In turn, the gameplay, or rather the atmosphere itself, immerses you in an American combat box and makes you think about how real American soldiers really look like. This game is a real fan-made RPG in which not only living people will fight for you, but also hordes of alien creatures, each of which is capable of instantly killing you with one blow. In general, the game turned out to be quite good and a C grade with a plus. But to get a real bounce on the nerves, you need to be advised to look at the details. Love “Realistic” fights? Try …

\tTurn on the TV and watch the new blockbuster about the Second World War with the participation of live actors. Dress up as the captain of the river police and, together with other police officers, save the world by shooting bandits and war criminals. In such a game, you will never get bored - you immediately want to win and kill enemies. Hope you enjoy!
\ttab I was not chasing money, and therefore I pleased everyone and everything with these pictures only in order to collect at least some money in order to pay the rent, in the end, for the sake of what I created, and then you will understand how little people lack, Where does this meager budget come from and can it be raised.2. Therefore, it would not be too good for me to join some kind of group, so that the money does not change, I do not want everyone to think that I am banal. I will continue to support the movement on @YouTube. f02ee7bd2b